What People are Saying

Here is what some Maine businesses and organizations are saying about the need for an energy pathway forward in Maine:

“Maine businesses are ready to invest in clean energy, and we are ready to invest in them.”
Betsy Biemann, Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

“The costs of solar and wind have plummeted over the last decade; batteries and electric cars are getting cheaper fast. Clean energy is cost-competitive today and getting better all the time.”
—Phil Coupe, ReVision Energy

“God has entrusted us with the care and protection of the environment, and our children are counting on us to act now as faithful stewards of this fragile earth.”
—Rev. Jane Field, Maine Council of Churches

“ Low-income households spend a much higher proportion of their income on energy. We can and must create a clean energy transition that works for all Mainers.”
—Christine Hastedt, Maine Equal Justice Partners

“Maine’s fishermen rely on a healthy Gulf of Maine, but unfortunately, climate change is putting our efforts to build sustainable fisheries in jeopardy. Fishing and seafood are an integral part of Maine’s heritage and economy, so it is imperative that we act now to reduce emissions.”
—Ben Martens, Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association

“Global investment in renewables is taking off. It’s time for Maine to embrace much greater investment in clean energy and infrastructure by creating a predictable and stable regulatory climate.”
— Jack Parker, Reed & Reed

“Affordable housing is energy efficient housing. To control long-term costs, Maine must put more effort into energy efficiency—and solar—for new and existing housing.”
—Greg Payne, Maine Affordable Housing Coalition

“Maine has hundreds of renewable energy jobs today – from installers and operators to construction contractors, environmental specialists, and other professionals. Growth in this sector will strengthen Maine’s ability to attract and retain productive workers.”
— Jeremy Payne, Maine Renewable Energy Association

“From lumber to lobsters, Maine’s economy has long benefited by taking our natural resources to market. We need to take the next step by allowing Maine’s entrepreneurial spirit to lead again, an absolute necessity if the state is going to grow and thrive.”
—Herb Sargent, Sargent Corporation

“With clear and sensible clean-energy policies in place, we can welcome vital investment capital to Maine, supporting entrepreneurial innovation and spurring critical business growth.”
—Tim Soley, East Brown Cow Management, Inc.

“Climate change is the most serious threat to Maine’s environment, and poses enormous risks to the health of Maine people and our economy. The rest of the world is acting and we must act, too.”
—Dylan Voorhees, Natural Resources Council of Maine

“Maine’s rural communities have a high energy burden and yet many are leading the way with practical, creative, community-based solutions that benefit both the economy and the environment.”
—Brooks Winner, Island Institute